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Randy Gruener
Randy Gruener
A very personal and top tier experience. I worked with the wonderful Dottie and Jody 13 years ago when I bought my body from them. 14hs drive away, I was able to stop in for the first time for some upgrades and repairs. What an experience, I left with all my issues addressed and the excitement of not only some updating of the bed (with lots of life still left), but also a custom fuel tank to match and fit inside the headboard, which they are now currently making for me. While the pricing is competitive, it’s custom, and of a higher quality. No detail is missed. These fabricators are among the best in the country, (they laughed when I took a sample of their work), I wanted it so I could show others how a perfect aluminum beaded weld looks like… I really appreciate the non-rushed approach and patient attitude so to maximize perfection. A special thanks for the great visit; thank you Justin Jamie Jared, Kyle, Simon, and of coarse Jessy, (who’s been there the longest). The owners, Jody and Dottie strive to earn your business. Not only do I look forward to this tank but I look forward to Bullhead fulfilling any of my other future fabrication needs. Thank you again Bullhead team! Randy Gruener GRC, Avon CT
Fred Carr
Fred Carr
Purchased our first BullHead dump bed 2 years ago and now coming back for more. Great product and service. Extremely well built.
jason garrison
jason garrison
Absolutely no doubt the best truck bed on the market! Great quality and great people to work with. I am a repeat customer with these people. There quality won’t be beat! Would recommend to anyone!
Katy Flagg
Katy Flagg

Why Bull Head?

Bull Head manufactures the Toughest, Best Fitting Aluminum Truck Beds on the market. Our beds are built with only the best materials for superior strength and appearance. If you are planning on buying a truck bed, please BEWARE of what you a buying. Make sure you are getting what you’re supposed to!

Watch Out for These Things:

Bull Head Products builds a 100% Aluminum Bed

We Do NOT build a Steel Subframe and place an Aluminum Skin (or Body) on top of it. This defeats the purpose of an Aluminum Truck Bed. Most manufacturers do this. They do it to keep it cheap. The steel subframe THEY use will usually Rust Out because it is not prepped well to begin with. Even if powder coated, we’ve seen them rust out because the powder coat chips off. Furthermore, if you are towing, the Gooseneck Hitch and Receiver Hitch are built into this subframe which means you a pulling on a subframe – NOT the Truck Frame itself.

This subframe can rust away and cause the hitches to pull out. This is very dangerous! Additionally, the Newer Truck Frames on the market are making it harder to mount the bed subframe good and solid because of the way they are made.

Bull Head Products uses a 1″ Thick Steel Plate for our Gooseneck Hitch and our Receiver Hitch is made of 1/2″ Steel Side Arms and 4″ x 1/4″ wall Crosstube. The Hitches are mounted Directly to the Truck so that you are Pulling on the Truck Frame – Just Like a Tractor Trailer Setup.

​You may pay a little more for our product, but this is the Strongest, Most Reliable, Safest, Setup you can buy.

​• Some competitor’s beds are a “universal” fit with a bolt on Head Board and Tail Board. Bull Head Beds fit Your Truck Specifically.

Some beds have very thin frames that will cause the bed to flex and possibly collapse. If the bed has folded (formed) crossmembers, stay away from it. It is weak!

Others will claim to use certain materials (thicknesses and alloys) that are false. For instance, some claim to use a 3/16″ Diamond Floor Plate ….. But, they add the the Diamond height as part of the thickness. This is NOT True Thickness!

Also, Aluminum Alloys are NOT all the same. Some are Stronger than Others (sometimes up to 200% Stronger) If you don’t know what you a looking at, you can be misled very easily. Beware!

• Check the crossmember spacing. We use 12” centers or less which gives 10 crossmembers on a 9’ bed. Other beds may only have 5-9 crossmembers for a 9’ bed.

​• Less expensive beds may also be spliced together to save money — i.e. the floor plate may be offset and other panels will not be “one” piece. You will never find this characteristic in a Bull Head truck body.

BEFORE YOU BUY make sure to ask the manufacturer questions about your bed. Bull Head Beds are “beefed up” and built to last. Please call or email for any questions.

Why Aluminum?


So You Just Bought a New $60,000 Truck


You Paid $10,000 for the Diesel Motor


You paid 2500.00 for the Transmission

Have you checked out our latest blog post yet?

Design Features

Head Board

Bull Head Truck Beds are built to fit the contour of your truck. Notice how the Head Board follows the contour of the cab with rounded top corners and “turned in” uprights. This provides a nice fit, but also lets the driver see out of his side mirrors, unlike the typical square Head Board. As an added bonus, there is less wind drag which should increase fuel milage. We do offer a square Head Board for those who prefer it.

Tail Board

Our Bull Horn Tail Board is very unique to Bull Head. It was designed to Compliment the Bull Horns that are found in our logo. It is sleek and a streamlined. Our Tail Board is 20″ – 25″ in height depending on the truck. Most of our competitors use a short Tail Board that is around 7″ to 14″ tall which can show underneath the truck (and spare tire on pickup trucks)

Our Flagship Truck Bed . . . the Bullhorn Deluxe


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The Bull Head Difference

We have been building truck bodies and accessories since 2005. We build each one as if it were our own. Our beds have been tried and tested in every capacity imaginable.