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Why Aluminum?


So You Just Bought a New $60,000 Truck . . .


You Paid $10,000 for the Diesel Motor . . .


You paid 2500.00 for the Transmission . . .

What about the Business End of the Truck?

Make Your Truck The Best with a Bull Head Truck Bed !

You’ve got a nice truck! Why not buy a nice bed to put on it?

After all, what good is it if only Half of the Truck is Good?

Steel beds are ok, but they WILL Rust in a short time, and if you are using the truck where there is road salt, on a farm, coal mining, or other harsh environment, Aluminum makes more sense. Aluminum is lighter than steel and will help with fuel mileage and increase the GVWR of your truck. When it’s time to sell your truck, you will have a bed that will increase the value of the truck.

BULL HEAD vs Competitors Aluminum Bed

Not ALL Aluminum Beds are Created Equally. Bull Head Does Not have a Steel Subframe like most of our Competitors. Our Beds are 100% Aluminum! Our Materials are Heavier. Our Welds are Longer and Stronger.

Our Materials are Heavier. Our Welds are Longer and Stronger.


The Bull Head Difference

Bull Head manufactures the Toughest, Best Fitting Aluminum Truck Beds on the market. Our beds are built with only the best materials for superior strength and appearance. If you are planning on buying a truck bed, please BEWARE of what you a buying. Make sure you are getting what you’re supposed to!

Watch Out for These Things:

Bull Head Products builds a 100% Aluminum Bed We Do NOT build a Steel Subframe and place an Aluminum Skin (or Body) on top of it. This defeats the purpose of an Aluminum Truck Bed. Most manufacturers do this. They do it to keep it cheap. The steel subframe THEY use will usually Rust Out because it is not prepped well to begin with. Even if powder coated, we’ve seen them rust out because the powder coat chips off. Furthermore, if you are towing, the Gooseneck Hitch and Receiver Hitch are built into this subframe which means you a pulling on a subframe – NOT the Truck Frame itself.


Aluminum Truck Bodies for any Application

Premium Aluminium Truck Beds

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The Bull Head Difference

We have been building truck bodies and accessories since 2005. We build each one as if it were our own. Our beds have been tried and tested in every capacity imaginable.