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Commercial Work Trucks


Contractor Truck Bed

Bed Features Custom Tool Boxes and Ladder Rack

Contractor Truck Body

Shown with Lift up Doors on Tool Boxes among other Storage Boxes

Dodge 3500 Flat Bed Pulling Backhoe

Dodge 3500 Flat Bed Pulling Backhoe

Crane Body

This Bed set up for lifting Coal Mining Motors. Equipped with a Venturo Crane.

Crane Bed

Shown here picking up a Motor with a Venco Venturo Crane

Chevy 3500 Crane Bed

Bed has Autocrane, Permanent Heavy Duty Sides and 2 Piece Folding Tailgate.

Welding Truck Bed

Bed is set up with Fuel Tank, Welder, Tool Boxes, etc.

Welding Truck Bed

Welder's Truck Bed with Recessed Welder Pocket and Fuel Tank

Ford Welding Truck Bed

Welding Truck Bed with Tool Boxes and Storage Compartment for Gas Cylinders

Ford Welding Truck Bed

Welding Truck Bed set up for customer to mount Welder in front. Features Storage Boxes, Gooseneck and Receiver Hitch.

Dodge 5500 Utility Contractor Bed

Bed Shown with Doors Open

Dodge 5500 Utility Contractor Bed

Bed has Large Storage Compartments, Removable Ladder Rack, LED Work Lights, Gooseneck Hitch, Receiver Hitch

Chevrolet 2500 Contractor Truck Bed

This Contractor Bed features a Removable/Storable Ladder Rack, Custom Tool Boxes, Fully Skirted, Gooseneck and Receiver Hitch, Folding Tailgate, LED Lights

Chevy 2500 Contractor Bed

Bed is shown with Doors Open

Dodge RAM 4500 Contractor Bed

Bed Shown has Custom Tool Boxes, Sides, Tailgate, Ladder Rack

Dodge RAM 4500 Contractor Bed

Bed Shown has Custom Tool Boxes, Sides, Tailgate, Ladder Rack

Dodge 4500 Contractor Bed

Bed shown on passenger side

Bee Keeper Bed

This Bed was built for a Bee Keeper. It will Haul Honey and other things related to the business

Chevy 3500 Work Truck Bed

Truck shown with Top Side Tool Boxes, Transfer Fuel Tank, Warning Lights, Underbody Tool Boxes

Chevy 3500 Farm Equipment Truck Bed

This truck is set up for Maintaining and Fueling Farm Equipment

Dodge 3500 Work Truck Bed

Bed has LED Work Lights, Sides and Tailgate, Extra Tool Boxes

Chevy 4500 Contractor Truck

Contractor Truck Bed has Smooth Aluminum Tool Boxes, Warning Lights, Folding Tailgate

Well Drilling Truck Bed

4x4 International 7600 with Extra Heavy Duty Bed. Custom Sides as specified by customer.

International 7600 4x4 Heavy Duty

This Truck is used for Well Drilling in Canada.

Ford Tree Farm Truck Bed

F-450 or F-550 16' Bed for a Tree Farm. Custom Fold Down Tailgate.

Tree Farm Truck Bed

Show with Custom Tailgate folded down. Tailgate allows more room for hauling.

Dodge 3500 Flat Bed

Truck Bed features Custom Extra Large Topside Tool Boxes.

Dodge RAM 3500 Farm Bed

Farm Truck Bed is equipped to Maintain and Fuel Farm Equipment.

Ford F450 and F-550 Flat Bed 16'

This is a 16 foot Bed with tool Boxes for Hauling Industrial Equipment

Motorcycle Recovery Truck Bed

Custom Truck Bed with Rampage System for Motorcycle Towing and Recovery

Pressure Washer Truck Bed

Mobile Pressure Washing Truck with Tool Boxes and Warning Lights.

Pavement Sealing Truck Bed

Custom Truck Body with Compartments for Equipment. Designed for Pavement Sealing.

Ford F-450 Work Truck Bed

Bed features Warning Lights and other accessories

The Bull Head Difference

We have been building truck bodies and accessories since 2005. We build each one as if it were our own. Our beds have been tried and tested in every capacity imaginable.