Bull Head Deluxe Aluminum Truck Bed
Bull Head Deluxe Aluminum Truck Bed on an Isuzu LCF Bull Head Deluxe Aluminum Dump Bed on a Ford F450

We build it all... Bull Head Deluxe Aluminum Truck Bed Bull Head Deluxe Aluminum Truck Bed
Bull Head Deluxe Aluminum Truck Bed for Brush Trucks Bull Head Deluxe Aluminum Truck Bed for Contractor Trucks Bull Head Deluxe Aluminum Truck Bed for RV and Fifth Wheel Trucks

The Bull Head Difference

Bull Head manufactures some of the toughest, best fitting aluminum truck beds on the market. Our beds are built with only the best materials for superior strength and appearance. If you are planning on buying a truck bed, please BEWARE of what you a buying. Make sure you are getting what you supposed to! Some beds are a “universal” fit with bolt on Head Boards and Tail Boards. Some beds have very thin frames that will cause the bed to flex. Others will claim to use certain materials (thicknesses and alloys) that are false. Furthermore, check the crossmember spacing. We use 12” centers or less which gives 10 crossmembers on a 9’ bed. Other beds may only have 8 or 9 crossmembers for a 9’ bed. Less expensive beds may also be spliced together to save money — i.e. the floor plate may be offset and other panels will not be "one" piece. You will never find this characteristic in a Bull Head truck body.

BEFORE YOU BUY make sure to ask the manufacturer questions about your bed. Bull Head Beds are "beefed up" and built to last. Please call or email for any questions.

Commercial Truck Applications

Bull Head Facts

Bull Head Bed Frames

Any structure is only as good as the framework. Bull Head Products only uses 6061 T-6 Heavy Duty structural channel. In some cases 6061 square or rectangular tubing is used.

Other Manufacturer's examples

Things we would never sell:

Floor Plate

Bull Head Deluxe - Rear View

Tail Board

Our Bull Horn Tail Board is very unique to Bull Head. It was designed to Compliment the Bull Horns that are found in our logo. It is sleek and a streamlined.

Our Tail Board features a full 21" height for cab and chassis models and 16” to 18" for trucks that had a factory bed. Most of our competitors use a short Tail Board that is around 7" to 14" tall.

Find Your Truck

Why Aluminum?

If you are going to buy a nice truck, why not buy a nice bed to put on it? Steel beds are ok, but they will rust in a short time, and if you are using the truck where there is road salt, on a farm, coal mining, or other harsh environment, Aluminum makes more sense. Also, aluminum is lighter than steel and will help with fuel mileage and increase the GVW of your truck. When it's time to sell your truck, you will have a bed that will increase the value of the truck.

Bed Grades

Our Medium Duty Bed is great for general-purpose work such as farming, towing a gooseneck trailer, light to medium industrial, and many other applications.

For more strength and durability our Heavy Duty Beds are the way to go. They are built with a heavier frame and floor plate. We recommend these beds for heavy farm use, heavy industrial use, welding trucks, brush trucks, crane trucks, dump trucks, and any other heavy duty applications.

Even Heavier Frames, Gussets on All Crossmembers, and Heavier Floor Plate is available for Extra Heavy Duty applications and they are a great choice for trucks like the Ford F-650 and Ford F-750. Chevrolet 4500, Chevrolet 5500, GMC 4500, and GMC 5500 truck will benefit from this bed too.


We offer complete installation of our products. Once an appointment has been made, we can usually get the bed and accessories installed in one day.

Cash and Carry

For the customer who wants to handle their own installation, we will sell just the bed and any accessories he may want.


We will be happy to Ship or Deliver your truck bed at the cheapest rate possible. Just provide us with your zip code and we can get a rate for you.

Standard Features

Bed Styles and Styling

Bull Head Truck Beds are built to fit the contour of your truck. Notice how the Head Board follows the contour of the cab with rounded top corners and “turned in” uprights. This provides a nice fit, but also lets the driver see out of his side mirrors, unlike the typical square Head Board. As an added bonus, there is less wind drag which should increase fuel milage. We do offer a square Head Board for those who prefer it.