Bull Head Products is pleased to announce our Newest Truck Bed...

The Bull Horn Deluxe

Bull Head Deluxe - Rear Angle

All New Headboard

Notice the New Headboard which features a new Wide Angle Window Grill for better visibility. The Grill is made of Polished Square Tubes that are turned 45º to produce a look not found in any other truck bed. Also notice the Punched Corner Grills below the light panels. The attention to detail and quality are unmatched.

Bull Horn Deluxe Bed

Tail Board

Our Bull Horn Tail Board is very unique to Bull Head. It was designed to Compliment the Bull Horns that are found in our logo. It is sleek and a streamlined.

Our Tail Board features a full 21" height for cab and chassis models and 16” to 18" for trucks that had a factory bed. Most of our competitors use a short Tail Board that is around 7" to 14" tall.

Bull Head Deluxe Bed - Rear View


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